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Over The Air Channel 19 / 32 with sub channels 1 - 7

Our Programming 

WKPT TV has 7 channels ranging from your favor shows from yesteryear to crime dramas and court shows. Our primacy channels are COZI TV and MeTV

COZI TV’s iconic sitcoms include Frasier, Roseanne, The Office, Will & Grace and The Nanny. Among the network’s many beloved dramas and action series are Columbo, Murder, She Wrote and Little House on the Prairie.

MeTV offers comedies such as M*A*S*H, The Andy Griffith Show, Carol Burnett and Friends, Mary Tyler Moore, and I Love Lucy; dramas such as Perry Mason and Columbo; great westerns including Gunsmoke and Bonanza; the heroics of Batman, Adventures of Superman and Wonder Woman, plus sci-fi classics like Star Trek, Lost In Space and The Twilight Zone – and so much more!

To tickle your funny bone, we have Laff for all your favorite sitcoms, Movies! for your best-loved timeless classics from the silver screen. StartTV and Court TV Mysteries that showcase crime dramas and mystery shows, plus Court TV that provides real life court cases.

Watch A Closer Look with Lynda Fontaine every Sunday morning here on WKPT - Cozi TV at 6:00 AM

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